Frequently Asked Questions



How do I purchase a regular weekend ticket?

Any BU student can come in during our office hours in the New Union, room 320, to purchase a ticket

How much are tickets?

They are currently $35 one-way and $60 round trip, regardless of destination or holiday designation.

What do I need to buy a ticket?

All you need is cash and a valid Binghamton University ID

Sorry, no credit/debit cards

How can I work for Escape?

At the beginning of each semester we hold a General Interest Meeting to hire students who are best suited for our positions.

Benefits include free tickets.

When do the buses leave campus and when do they leave all destinations?

The weekend bus leaves campus for Huntington, Fresh Meadows and Manhattan at 3pm from LOT P,

located in between the College-in-the-Woods and Newing College communities.

The bus leaves to return to Binghamton from Huntington at 6pm, Fresh Meadows at 6:30pm, and Manhattan at 7:30.

Please remember to be a half an hour early for all arrival and departure times.